Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Attorney helping his clients

What is everyone complaining about?

Its not like he's sneaking in files or guns baked in a cake.

What? I'm just sayin'

Attorney charged with smuggling heroin, phones into jail

A Tempe attorney was accused Wednesday of smuggling heroin and other items into inmates at Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix.

Jason John Keller, was charged with one count of conspiracy, three counts of promoting prison contraband and three counts of assisting a criminal street gang.

According to court documents, Keller, on at least three separate occasions this year, allegedly smuggled heroin, a cell phone and a cell phone charger into inmates. Some of the inmates are members of a violent criminal street gang, the Mexican Mafia, and at least one is known to be Keller's client, the Arizona attorney general's office said.

Keller was charged by direct complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court. A preliminary hearing will be held within 10 days.

The case was investigated by the Phoenix Police Department. Assistant Attorney General Frank Collins will handle the case.