Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pathetically pathetic

Why he might have just taken a wrench and done what Tonya Harding had done to Nancy Kerrigan.

Man drugged competition at Dog Show
A Pennsylvania man is accused of drugging a Siberian husky after police found pills in the dogs stomach
By Britni Day -
A Pennsylvania man is facing charges of animal cruelty after he allegedly drugged a competitor's Siberian husky at a dog show in Wheaton. 

Ralph Ullum, 68 of Claysville, Pa., is accused of feeding Protonix and possibly Benadryl to Pixie, a Siberian Husky, at a Dec. 17 kennel club show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, according to Wheaton police.

Ullum's girlfriend was competing with her Siberian husky, named Diana, and Ullum had been assisting her at the show.

Pixie's handler, Jessica Plourde of Newark Valley, N.Y., noticed a crushed pink pill near Pixie's cage on the second day of competition, according to reports. 

In LA everyone's a star!

Your taxpayer dollars at work LA.

City Workers Make Porn Film While on the Job
NBC4 LA exposé prompts city investigation of two Los Angeles traffic enforcement officers
by Joel Grover - NBC4 LA

City officials failed to discipline two traffic officers who appeared in a pornographic film while on the job, NBC4 LA has found.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has opened an investigation into the behavior of two uniformed, on-duty officers who appear in the sexually explicit movie. The investigation was prompted by the NBC4 LA exposé.

"It's absolutely disgusting," said Amir Sedadi, general manager of LADOT, after viewing a copy of the movie shown to him by NBC4 LA. "Immediately, we will conduct a full investigation. This is not acceptable to me.”

Career death by La Mordida

Very sad for all involved.

Ex-State representative pleads guilty to extortion
Solis admits paying S. Texas state judge for favorable rulings.
By Lynn Brezosky - Express-News

BROWNSVILLE — Former seven-term state Rep. Jose Santiago “Jim” Solis pleaded guilty to extortion in federal court Friday, admitting he paid then-state Judge Abel Limas thousands of dollars for favorable court rulings.

Solis, 47, forfeited $250,000 as part of a plea agreement and was released on a $50,000 unsecured bond. He faces up to 20 years in prison plus fines at his Aug. 1 sentencing.

Limas on March 31 pleaded guilty to charges in a 17-page indictment, admitting his 404th District Court was a shady, cash-generating enterprise, with rulings for sale on matters ranging from probation to bond terms.

Coward takes coward's way out


Big, brave, drunk man with a gun, terrorizing women and children.

Murderer, yet underneath it all.....

A coward.

Enjoy your time in prison.

Jealous ex gets 50-year sentence for murder
Defendant cops a plea days before trial is to start.
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

After a night of sending his ex-girlfriend threatening text messages, Ricardo Arcos burst into her apartment, kicked in her locked bedroom door and fatally shot a man she was on her third date with.

On Thursday, days before his capital murder trial was to start, he signed a plea agreement, admitting he killed Jeffrey Sarfin, and has been sentenced to 50 years in prison by state District Judge Raymond Angelini.

Arcos, 30, was arrested in Del Rio last May, a few hours after ex-girlfriend Cassandra Cuellar said she chased him out of the Northwest Side apartment they once shared and called police.

Thank you Spurs for a great season!

Thank you San Antonio Spurs for a great season and run.

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

You've displayed class, style and leadership all year long.  The team will carry on to more greatness in the future.

For now, rest up, enjoy the time off and Go Spurs Go!


Man o' Law

Friday, April 29, 2011

Whoopie we caught one!

The real story here is what I believed all along that Jihadists can and will use the flood onf immigrants across our southern border to infiltrate terrorists and others who mean us harm.

Homeland Security is a joke when it comes to stopping the influx.

Somali accused of smuggling gets prison
Man suspected of bringing jihadists to U.S. sentenced for lying on asylum request.
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

A federal judge agreed with prosecutors Thursday that Somali national Ahmed Dhakane helped smuggle hundreds of people into the United States, knowing that some of them claimed to be members of terrorist groups.

He also agreed that Dhakane raped and impregnated one of his clients so the 16-year-old could pose as his wife during his own border crossing.

But in the end, U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez determined that federal law only allowed him to hand Dhakane two concurrent 10-year sentences for the crime the government actually charged him with — making false statements on his application for asylum in the United States.

A future King and the Queen Consort

It was a lovely wedding.

Best wishes to the Newly-weds!

William, Kate exchange kisses on palace balcony
Associated Press -

LONDON (AP) — Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton sealed their wedding with a pair of kisses on a balcony at Buckingham Palace, delighting thousands of spectators.

There was a roar of approval from the crowd as William and his bride exchanged a peck on the lips Friday. It was quickly followed by another, then a flyby of vintage and modern Royal Air Force planes.

The couple will now attend a lunch reception for 650 guests, followed by an evening party for 300 friends and family.

Apparently even Superman is fed up

I guess he's about had it too with this Administration.

No longer Truth, Justice, and the American Way.


Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship in 'Action Comics' #900
By Laura Hudson - Comics Alliance

After recently undertaking a journey to walk -- not fly -- across the United States in the "Grounded" storyline and reconnect with the country and everyday Americans, Superman appears to be taking another step that could have major implications for his national identity: in Action Comics #900...

...Superman announces that he is going to give up his U.S. citizenship. Despite very literally being an alien immigrant, Superman has long been seen as a patriotic symbol of "truth, justice, and the American way," from his embrace of traditional American ideals to the iconic red and blue of his costume. What it means to stand for the "American way" is an increasingly complicated thing, however, both in the real world and in superhero comics, whose storylines have increasingly seemed to mirror current events and deal with moral and political complexities rather than simple black and white morality.

The key scene takes place in "The Incident," a short story in Action Comics #900 written by David S. Goyer with art by Miguel Sepulveda. In it, Superman consults with the President's national security advisor, who is incensed that Superman appeared in Tehran to non-violently support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime, no doubt an analogue for the recent real-life protests in the Middle East. However, since Superman is viewed as an American icon in the DC Universe as well as our own, the Iranian government has construed his actions as the will of the American President, and indeed, an act of war.

Texans helping Texans

Oh I don't know Governor Perry, probably because he thinks that you, I, and 25 million other Texans are a burr under his saddle?

i.e. We're a pain in his butt.  Our State doesn't fit his meme of the Nanny State.

If he won't help us we'll do as Texans have done for 175 years, we'll take care of our own.

Perry says request for wildfire aid unanswered
FEMA says it's reviewing bid for disaster declaration.
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday he was frustrated that after two weeks, he hasn't heard back from President Barack Obama on his request to declare the state a major federal disaster as a result of widespread wildfires.

“Why are you taking care of Alabama, why are you taking care of other states, and for some reason,” Perry started to say at a news conference in San Antonio, pausing in midsentence before adding, “The letter didn't get lost in the mail.”

The governor later addressed more than 3,000 attendees at the general session of the Texas Emergency Management Conference at the Convention Center.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

There will be trouble

Does she even remember how to act?

This also presumes she knew how to act in the first place.

Lindsay Lohan Might Teach Acting Classes at Homeless Shelter
By NewsCore

LOS ANGELES - Lindsay Lohan might teach acting classes at the Los Angeles homeless shelter where she was ordered to do community service, TMZ reported Thursday.

The Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center, which looks after homeless women, runs a theater workshop and wants Lohan to share her acting talents.

A spokesperson for the center said the staff was "extremely interested in having Lindsay contribute her talents when she kicks off her 360 hours of community service this week."

The rest of the story:

Hayden! Bring the milk please!

Where was the milk truck when it was needed?

I bet the cereal was Captain Crunch eh?

Crash litters Ohio Turnpike with breakfast cereal
Associated Press -

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Authorities say a crash on the Ohio Turnpike spilled hundreds of boxes of breakfast cereal.

The accident in the Toledo area shut down the toll highway's eastbound traffic for nearly three hours early Wednesday. Bulldozers cleared away the mess.

State troopers tell WTVG-TV the driver of the tractor-trailer hauling the cereal may have fallen asleep at the wheel before his truck hit a guardrail around 2 a.m. and wound up on its side across both eastbound lanes. A tow truck then slammed into the semi.

This looks like a job for Superman!

Oh the irony of it all.

Sign swiped at Ohio home where Superman created
Associated Press -

CLEVELAND (AP) — The Man of Steel may have fallen victim to scrap metal thieves in Cleveland.

A historical marker has been stolen near the house where two high school classmates created the Superman character in 1933. The neighborhood's development corporation tells police a hacksaw was used to remove the plaque from atop a pole two weeks ago.

The Plain Dealer newspaper reports that the aluminum marker may have been swiped because its coloring led the culprits to think it was bronze, a popular target of scrap thieves.

The city installed the plaque eight years ago. Officials say it will be replaced.

Good Detective work

Good work in gathering the evidence!

DNA evidence leads to arrest in slaying
Victim found dead inside burning apartment.
By Guillermo X. Garcia and Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

DNA evidence left on a beer can helped San Antonio police charge a man Wednesday in the slaying of Esmeralda Herrera, 30, who had been found dead inside her burning apartment in March.

Jose Baldomero Flores III, 30, was to be booked in Bexar County Jail on one count of murder.

DNA left on a Budweiser beer can in Herrera's kitchen, along with hairs and fibers, cell phone records and a bloody shoeprint linked Flores to Herrera's death, an arrest warrant affidavit states.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Grim Reaper's running the table

Chalk up another Death to DWI.

The Grim Reaper is on a roll.

Man arrested after reportedly running over and killing a Kerrville man
By Melissa Boughton, Times Staff Writer

San Marcos Police arrested a 30-year-old man Monday for intoxication manslaughter after an 81-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed in the 1500 block of the Interstate 35 south access road early Sunday.

Sabino Cortez, 81, of Kerrville, died at the scene after he reportedly wandered away from a nearby hotel where he was staying with family members for the Easter holiday.

The rest of the story:

Another one notched up for the Grim Reaper

Once again it appears that there has been another death caused by DWI.


Make that two notched up for the Reaper.  The other passenger died overnight and the news reports two charges of intoxication manslaughter will be brought against the driver.

One killed in overnight crash
By Guillermo X. Garcia - Express-News

One person was killed and two injured following a one-car crash overnight, police said.

Investigators were attempting to determine the circumstances of the crash, which occurred just after midnight on U.S. 281 near the Sunset Road exit.

The car in which three people were riding was going south on U.S. 281 when police said it went out of control as it attempted to pass another vehicle.

Lest we forget

These men were heroes, in every sense that the word conveys.

(Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle was the pilot and Lt. Richard Cole, who now lives near Comfort, was the co-pilot of the lead plane on the Tokyo bombing mission early in World War II.) (U.S. Air Force photo)

Doolittle Raiders look back on mission
By Sig Christenson - Express News

It was America's fifth month in World War II, and the news everywhere was bad. Germany ruled Europe, and Japan was on the march in the Pacific.

Reeling from a string of defeats, America needed a quick victory, and a one-time flyweight boxer-turned-test pilot, Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, was about to give it to them in a spectacular way.

“I don't think it was revenge,” said Dick Cole, who helped fly the first B-25B off the deck of the USS Hornet. “It was just tit for tat, I guess.”

A salute to Scout Parker Books, thank you!

Not enough good things get published on the Internet about folks doing good things.

Also, as of late, it seems like the Boy Scouts have been catching flak over a few bad apples in the bunch.

Well here is one bright shiny apple they can be very proud of.

Man o' Law proudly salutes you Parker !

Boy Scout aids man having a stroke
By Dalondo Moultrie New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung

NEW BRAUNFELS — “Always be prepared, and oh yeah, stay calm” could just as well serve as a new Boy Scouts of America motto, a 13-year-old Scout learned last week when his actions and cool head may have helped save a neighbor’s life.

“You hear so much about young teenagers not doing good things these days that we were very thankful we had him,” said  Naomi Welty, whose husband had a stroke in their home last Saturday when Scout Parker Brooks sprang into action.

The rest of the story:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No more Happy Meals

I will be in Baltimore next week to give some talks at the National District Attorney's Association Seminar on Evidence for Prosecutors.

I will not be going to any McDonald's there.

2nd victim details McDonald's beating
Bail denied for woman accused in incident

BALTIMORE -- Bail was denied Monday for the woman accused of brutally beating a transgender woman inside a Baltimore County McDonald's restaurant last week, and the woman who tried to help break up the assault is telling her side of the story.

Teonna Brown, 18, faces felony assault charges, among others, after a cellphone video was posted online last week showing her and another person beating up the victim inside the Rosedale McDonald's in the 6300 block of Kenwood Avenue.

Brown is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center. A 14-year-old girl also faces charges, according to investigators.

The rest of the story:

But no guns allowed during services

Welcome to Temple and worship services.

Please choose a weapon of your choice and proceed to your seats.

Thank you.

Seven people arraigned on riot, assault for violent fight at Sikh temple in Queens

By Barry Paddock,Kerry Burke, and Thomas Zambito; NY Daily News

Seven people were arraigned on riot and assault charges Monday for their roles in a vicious turf battle at a Sikh temple in Queens.

Assailants wielding cricket bats and small swords disrupted prayer services Sunday morning at the Baba Makhan Shah Lubana Sikh Center in Richmond Hill, police and witnesses said.

"I'm going to kill you," defendant Harinder Singh, 47, screamed before punching Joginder Singh in the face, says a criminal complaint filed in Queens Supreme Court.

Good luck Sheriff

A sad ending to a career in law enforcement.

Tucker resigns as Bandera County sheriff
by Zeke MacCormack

BANDERA — Bandera County Sheriff Weldon Tucker on Monday tendered his resignation, effective May 5, the same date as his next scheduled court appearance as a criminal defendant.

Tucker, charged in June with abuse of official capacity for allegedly misusing the county's rescue boat, couldn't be reached for comment Monday.

His departure had been anticipated since March 31, when prosecutors reduced the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor in what some interpreted as the first installment on a two-step plea bargain.

No Excuse

There's no excuse for this, none.

Man accused of striking stepdaughter with beer can, gallon of milk
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

San Antonio police Monday afternoon arrested a man accused of beating his 11-year-old stepdaughter after arguing with her mother on Sunday, officials said.

Eugene Bell, 34, is being held in Bexar County Jail on one count of injury to a child causing bodily injury. A judge set bail at $25,000.

An arrest warrant affidavit states Bell and his wife argued at their South Side house in the 200 block of Eads Avenue Sunday. Bell left the house, the affidavit states, and when he returned, his wife had locked him out. He forced open the door, police said, and his wife fled the house and called 9-1-1.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Will pay for his play

I guess its all over but the shouting as it appears that he's confessed to the crimes.

Seguin man arrested, accused of sexually assaulting 2 children
By Felicia Frazar - The Seguin Gazette-Enterprize

SEGUIN - Police have arrested a 51-year-old Seguin man who has been accused of sexually assaulting two children.

Seguin Police Det. Mike Gonzales said a 14-year-old female made the outcry against Juan Rodriguez.

"Detectives received a report regarding a juvenile female being touched in an inappropriate sexual manner," Gonzales said.

The rest of the story:

Cowardly cowards strike

It takes several men with big cojones to shoot up a house with teen-age girls in it.

Two hit in drive-by shooting
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

A 14-year-old girl sitting in her family's living room and a man standing outside the home were both shot Sunday night, but were expected to survive, officials said.

San Antonio Police Sgt. Ramiro Juarez said that just before 11 p.m., a dark SUV passed by the home in the 7200 block of Moss Creek and several shots were fired at the residence.

Juarez said police did not yet know how many people were inside the SUV, but it appeared that three different weapons were used. He said the man was shot in the leg, but it wasn't known if he was the intended target.

Gender on Gender crime

Woman shoots woman.

You've come a long way baby!

Woman shoots woman on West Side
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

One woman was hospitalized early Monday after she was shot by another woman in what police were told was an apparent burglary on the West Side.

San Antonio police said they were still sorting through stories to determine what actually occurred between the two women that led to the shooting, which took place just before midnight in the 4900 block of Blessing Street.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who me? - # 2


I don't "huff" spray paint! 

I was going to try out for the part of the "Tin Man" in the local Wizard of Oz theater production.

The "Alleged" Is Probably Not Necessary When Describing This Indiana Paint Huffer
The Smoking Gun -

Meet Kelly Gibson.

For the 48th time since 1992, the Indiana man has been arrested for inhaling paint fumes. Gibson’s latest huffing collar came when his wife summoned cops to the couple’s Fort Wayne home shortly after midnight on April 14.

As seen in the above mug shot, officers found an impaired Gibson covered in silver paint. He was booked into the Allen County jail for allegedly inhaling toxic vapors.

The image of Gibson will likely draw comparisons to the classic booking photo of Patrick “Goldface” Tribett, an Ohio man who has earned online infamy for his series of paint-dappled mug shots.

Who me?

Its sort of like the purloined letter.

Hidden in plain sight in, of all places, a police department.

Anchorage officer charged with passport fraud
By Casey Grove - Anchorage Daily News

An Anchorage police officer who took on a false identity that masked his Mexican citizenship has been arrested and charged with passport fraud, federal officials said Friday.

At a news conference Friday, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler said that patrolman Rafael Espinoza, on the 

Anchorage police force for about six years, was really Rafael Mora-Lopez, a Mexican national working in the United States illegally.

The man known as Officer Espinoza -- Mora-Lopez, in reality -- was an excellent employee, Police Chief Mark Mew said. The investigation has so far not turned up any information that Mora-Lopez was involved in any other criminal activity outside the case announced Friday, Mew said.

"His problem was he lied his way into the job," Mew said.

Who you calling a knuckle head?

Well, its not escape-proof anymore is it?

Homemade cloth rope aids St. Louis jail escape
Associated Press -

ST. LOUIS – A "knuckle-headed corrections officer" is to blame for the escape of two men who apparently climbed down a homemade rope Friday morning to escape from a St. Louis detention center, the mayor's chief of staff said.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Vernon Collins, 34, and David White, 33, were discovered missing just before 7 a.m., but police believe they might have been gone for 90 minutes by that time.

White was later caught at a gas station wearing what a station clerk described as a "Bruce Lee wig," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. He was taken into custody about 4 p.m. after police surrounded an older-model white Cadillac at a Phillips 66 station. Collins remained at large Friday afternoon.

The rest of the story:

El grande stupido

Might have a wee problem with the confession given to the undercover police officer.

Calif. gangster's tattoo of crime scene helps solve murder
By Camille Mann -

(CBS/AP) NORWALK, Calif. - When Los Angeles County Sheriff's homicide investigator Kevin Lloyd was routinely looking through snapshots of tattooed gang members, he saw something that caught his eye - a crime scene he was familiar with.

Anthony Garcia, a member of the Rivera-13 gang, had a tattoo that resembled the scene of the liquor store killing of 23-year-old John Juarez in Pico Rivera on Jan. 23, 2004, reports the Los Angeles Times.

There were numerous details the murder inked on the gang member. The paper reports that the tattoo included the Christmas lights that lined the roof of the liquor store where Juarez was shot and killed, the direction his body fell, the bowed street lamp across the way and the street sign. Above everything read the title, "RIVERA KILLS", a reference to the gang. A helicopter was also placed above the scene raining down bullets,  a nod to Garcia's alias "Chopper."

The rest of the story:

Doc, I have these stabbing pains in my chest

Stabbed in the chest and he wants a cigarette?

Lay off the cigs Buddy, they'll kill you, if you live long enough.

Homeless man asks for last smoke after stabbing
By Jazmine Ulloa - Express-News

A homeless man taken to the hospital Saturday night in critical condition with a stab wound to the chest gave little information on his attacker, police said.

He simply told officers he wanted to smoke a last cigarette.

Investigators said the man, in his 50s, got into an argument with another homeless man behind a South Side insurance company in the 2100 block of Goliad Road. But he refused to cooperate with authorities, apparently saying nothing about the dispute and giving only a vague description of the man who stabbed him.

Old, old news

All the Judicial system is doing is enabling her destructive behavior.

She feels entitled to do what ever she wants to.

Why not?  She gets away with everything.

Lindsay Lohan out of jail after rollercoaster day

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Lindsay Lohan was briefly jailed again on Friday after a rollercoaster day in which a judge downgraded her jewelry theft charge, but sentenced the actress to four months behind bars for violating her probation.

Looking confused and distressed, Lohan -- who was locked up for two weeks last summer -- was taken immediately to jail from court after a day-long preliminary hearing on charges that she stole a $2,500 gold necklace from a store in January.

The "Mean Girls" actress was ordered to stand trial on June 3 but the jewelry charge was reduced to a misdemeanor from a more serious felony, and will cut to one year her maximum time behind bars if eventually convicted.

Los Angeles judge Stephanie Sautner, however, felt the evidence on Friday suggested Lohan intended to steal the jewelry.

The rest of the story:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boot Hill

More highway mayhem in Ole San Antoine.

Say!  That may just make a great CW song title and song!

"More Highway Mayhem in Ole San Antoine" (c) Man O' Law - 2011

Driving down the highway in Ole San Antoine,
I saw bunches of people all yakking on phones;

Putting on make-up or shaving their beards;
it struck me that they're all being weird;

How can you drive all distracted and such,
The reason you're not dead is because of some luck;

Then you go out and drink you some beers,
drive the wrong way down the highway and fill up some biers;

Its all for Fiesta and shout out "Ole!"

Its all fun and games as you sit there all day;
You kill an officer ruining their day,
then ask the Courts to look the other way.

This mayhem must stop, it must go away
Ole San Antoine must change its old ways

It takes two to tango; and three to display will,
so stop and think before you go drink;
Do I drink this here beer and go out and drive
or would I rather just get home alive?

Please just chill, or you'll wind-up on Boot Hill.

(Sorry about the poor song-writing )

Woman killed, Bexar deputy injured in U.S. 90 accident
By Jazmine Ulloa - Express-News

A woman was killed late Thursday in a three-vehicle accident involving a Bexar County Sheriff's Office patrol car on U.S. 90.

Bexar County traffic investigators said the woman was driving a red vehicle traveling alongside the patrol car on U.S. 90 East at about 11:30 p.m. Witnesses told authorities the woman's car had been swerving all over the road when it collided with the patrol car, Bexar County Sgt. E.M. Conger said.

The vehicles crashed into a retainer wall and a light pole near the off ramp to Interstate 35, and the poll toppled across U.S. 90.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uh oh! Lawsuit to shortly follow, I am sure.


I am sure the lawsuit is being drawn up as you read this.

BTW the baby told me she couldn't tell the difference, it all tasted the same to her.

Woman Claims Hospital Let Another Woman Breastfeed Her Baby
MyFox New York -

NEW YORK - A New York City mom claimed that her child was breast-fed by another woman after blundering hospital workers accidentally switched her daughter with another baby just after birth.

Lynda Williams, 33, said Long Island College Hospital (LICH) refused to divulge any information about the other woman because of privacy laws, and a court this week sided with the hospital, according to the New York Post .

With the backing of a Supreme Court justice, Williams sued LICH after the 2008 incident, demanding to know if the other woman who breast-fed her daughter Jalyn, now three-years-old, was healthy.

The rest of the story:

More facebook stuff

(sarcastically) At least he didn't intend to shoot her on purpose.

I'm sorry for the loss to her family and her daughter.

Young mother Bolivia Beck shot dead by Facebook pal Gary Davis, cops say

A young Bronx mother was fatally shot by a Facebook friend, police said.

Bolivia Beck, 21, was not the intended target when she was gunned down Monday night at the Millbrook Houses in the South Bronx, police sources said. Beck, who had been walking with her boyfriend, died Wednesday.

Police are looking for Gary Davis, who encountered the couple about 7:30 p.m. at 137th St. and Cypress Ave. Sources said Davis, 21, whipped out a handgun and squeezed off two shots.

BFF's not always forever

Very, very sad.

Girls, ages 11 and 12, could be charged with cyberstalking

ISSAQUAH, Wash. - Like many 12-year-olds, Leslie Cote keeps track of her friends on Facebook. What she didn't realize is how they can quickly turn to enemies.

"They pretty much backstabbed me because I trusted them," she said.

When Leslie logged on last month she discovered someone was posing as her, posting sexually explicit photos and propositioning boys for sex.

"It made me feel really bad like people would think I was disgusting," said the Issaquah Middle School 6th grader.

The rest of the story:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

You think this'll wake up the Washington D.C. folks to allowing off-shore drilling again?

Of course they are violating a Court's Order which stayed the moratorium.

Gas prices continue to rise in Washington

Gas prices hover one tenth of a cent under five dollars per gallon at a gas station in Washington on April 19, 2011. Unrest in the Middle East and price speculation have steadily led to higher oil prices and consequently higher gas prices throughout the year so far. UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg

Cold case - hard time

Good work Mr. Kindred.

Cold cases are tough cases to get convictions on.

Cold-case conviction has man facing life term
Rankin resident guilty in 1994 deaths of pair from S.A.
By Zeke MacCormack - Express-News

HONDO — Gregory Lopez II faces an automatic life sentence for capital murder in the 1994 shootings of his cousin, Raymond “Alex” Morales, and Morales' girlfriend, Andrea Truax, both of San Antonio.

The Rankin resident was convicted Tuesday despite claiming he killed Morales in self-defense and an admission by co-defendant Manuel Rodriguez that he'd killed Truax.

“We're very satisfied,” District Attorney Daniel Kindred said of the jury's finding after 45 minutes of deliberation.

Good job to all involved

Good job all.

Viva Fiesta!

County DWI arrest numbers released
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

Authorities county-wide made 338 arrests for drunken driving-related crimes during Fiesta compared to 257 during last year's 11-day event, according to statistics released Tuesday by Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Reed's tally included every law enforcement agency, including the Department of Public Safety and Bexar County Sheriff's Office and San Antonio Police Department. SAPD officers made the bulk of the arrests, 275 this year and 234 in 2010, according to the department.

Reed also touted the “no refusal” initiative that subjects drivers who refuse breathalyzer tests to mandatory blood draws if a judge signs a search warrant. Her office arranged for 139 blood draws during Fiesta, 118 of them on misdemeanor cases. Last year, there were 96 misdemeanor blood draws, the news release said.

A great program

If this program helps prevent even one DWI or Intoxication assault or manslaughter it will have proven its worth.

Teen Court program designed to arm teens, parents against alcohol with hands-on experience
By Will Wright - The Herald-Zeitung

NEW BRAUNFELS — This past week, several teenagers and their parents received an exercise in maturity — courtesy of the New Braunfels Police Department and Community Teen Court.

The seminar, called Operation Intervention, was held this past Tuesday at Municipal Court. The three-hour presentation included schooling teen court defendants and their parents on the dangers associated with alcohol abuse, driving while impaired and decision making.

The rest of the story:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It was her after-school part-time job

This is about 30 miles Northwest of Detroit.

Teach 'em while they're young.

12-year-old girl charged with armed robbery
For The Macomb Daily

A 12-year-old girl will likely be charged as an adult in an armed robbery attempt in Highland Township, officials say.

The girl was arraigned Saturday for attempted armed robbery in connection with the incident, which occurred around 10 p.m. Friday at Country Lake Market at 2150 N. Milford in Highland.

Armed with a loaded 9 mm Smith & Wesson handgun and wearing a bandana over her face, the girl confronted an employee and demanded money, according to a press release from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite the bandana, an employee recognized the girl. One of the three employees at the store disarmed the girl and held her until deputies from the Highland Township substation of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

The rest of the story:
OK then.  There you go.

Now both Al Gore and Charles Manson are spewing the same mantra about global warming.

That's it, now I'm a believer!!

Global warming must be true, Charles Manson believes in it. Killer breaks 20-year silence on 40th anniversary of gruesome Sharon Tate murders
By Daily Mail Reporter

Crazed cult leader Charles Manson has broken a 20-year silence in a prison interview coinciding with the 40th anniversary of his conviction for the gruesome Sharon Tate murders - to speak out about global warming.

The infamous killer, who started championing environmental causes from behind bars, bemoaned the 'bad things' being done to environment in a rambling phone interview from his Californian jail cell.

'Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere.

'If we don’t change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem...' he added, trailing off.

Manson, who described himself to his interviewer as a 'bad man who shoots people', brainwashed members of a commune known as The Family into butchering eight people including film director Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate in July and August 1969.

Literally, the rest of the story

This would be a game-changer if passed and implemented.

Expect a long hard fight over this one.

Bill would OK jury hearing sex allegations

Jurors could hear of earlier incidents, even if no charges resulted.

AUSTIN — In what critics say could be a “seismic change” in state criminal law, the Texas Senate tentatively approved a bill that would allow jurors in sexual assault cases to hear testimony about similar allegations against a defendant — including if the previous incident did not result in a conviction or even criminal charges.

The bill by Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, would allow the introduction of such testimony to be admitted during the guilt or innocence phase of a trial if a judge — outside the presence of the jury — hears the evidence and deems it relevant.

The bill gives “greater resources to prosecutors and victims of sexual assault,” Huffman said Monday. Allowing testimony about similar allegations “brings Texas closer in line with federal rules of evidence,” she said.

Demolition Derby with added bonus

Unfortunately the added bonus seems to be striving to run over the SAPD officers who are trying to help all of us.

Didn't the driver know that Fiesta was over?  Was he still drunk from Fiesta which had ended just 24 hours earlier?

Or was he celebrating that Fiesta was over?

Man drives truck into patrol cars
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

A suspected drunken driver slammed his vehicle into two San Antonio police patrol cars Monday night on U.S. 281 North near Bitters.

The crash occurred just before 10 p.m. when two police officers were called to the area to remove what turned out to be a doghouse that was blocking traffic, officials said.

The patrol cars were parked in the lane and officers had put out flares when they heard a vehicle approaching fast, police said. The two officers saw the man's pickup coming toward them, so they jumped over the center median. One of the officers sprained her ankle.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prosecutors behaving badly

Prosecutors needed.

Apply within.

Gambling scandal sees prosecutors fired
by Evgeniya Chaykovskaya at 15/04/2011 13:13

The illegal gambling scandal has claimed more victims, with two prosecutors fired and another demoted as the row rumbles on in Moscow Region.

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Thursday that Moscow Region prosecutor Alexander Mokhov faces a reduced status, while his deputy Alexander Ignatenko and a department head Dmitry Urumov are looking for new employment.

Mokhov, who is accused of taking family foreign holidays paid for by underground casino suspect Ivan Nazarov, was demoted by order of Yury Chaika and will return to a more lowly role after returning from leave.

Mokhov could become new deputy of Moscow intraregional transport prosecutor.

Chaika may appoint Alexander Anikin to the now vacant post of Moscow Region prosecutor. Anikin has been head of the anti-corruption department.

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Political Hardball

Playing hardball the old fashioned Russian way.


Dosvedanya Yulia.

Timoshenko shortchanged Ukraine over Russia deal– Prosecutors
by Tom Washington - The Moscow News

Yulia Timoshenko signed up to exorbitant gas prices set by Russia without the support of her cabinet, Viktor Pshonka, Ukraine’s prosecutor general has announced on Ukrainian national TV

Charges are piling up against Timoshenko, former prime-minister of Ukraine and now the object of ire for Ukraine’s eastwards looking government, and the reverberations have been felt even by Vladimir Putin.

After wrestling with Russia in a tug-o-gas war, while looking towards Europe for her vision of Ukraine’s future, Timoshenko is finding that her political chickens are coming home to roost as the prosecutor sharpens his axe.

She was ousted from power in 2010 after losing a presidential election to Viktor Yanukovich, a bitter foe with a less hostile attitude to Russia, and claims the charges mounting up against her are part of a political mud-slinging campaign.

Down for the count

Oh he was down and out alright!

He was dead.

Police investigate fatal shooting
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

San Antonio police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man found dead on the West Side late Saturday night.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was found in the 2300 block of Waverly Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, when someone called 9-1-1 to report a man was down and out.

Upon arrival, emergency responders discovered the man was dead and had been shot.

Pick-up Truck 1 Motorcycle 0

He apparently was riding south in the northbound lane of traffic and not wearing a helmet.

I'm sorry the motorcyclist was killed however, why does the story read as if it were the fault of the pick-up truck driver?

Motorcyclist killed in Comal County crash
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

A motorcyclist died early Sunday in a crash in Comal County, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Donald Allen-Novel Snider, 37, was fatally struck by a pickup on Oblate Drive near Burr Oaks Lane around 2 a.m. Sunday, a DPS operator said.

According to officials, Snider was riding a motorcycle near Startzville south in the northbound lane of Oblate Drive when he collided with the front of a 1994 Chevrolet pickup driven by Angela Grace Thetford.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More road rage news

I bet he regrets it now.

Report: Felon with road rage picks on deputy
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

A Gwinnett County felon who picked on the wrong guy during a bout of alleged road rage near Loganville was ordered held without bond at his first court appearance Friday.

Police told Channel 2 Action News that Christian Brock, 21, of Dacula, tried to run another driver off Georgia 20 around 11 p.m. Wednesday. It didn't end well for Brock. The other driver was Deputy Paul Frederick of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, who was commuting to work in his own car.

The deputy told Channel 2 Action News that the driver swerved to hit him two or three times.

"I made every attempt to avoid the situation, slowing down, stopping and he still tried to run into my vehicle," Frederick said in a report by the TV station Thursday.

The rest of the story:

Road chair rage?

Can he be charged with the use of a deadly weapon?

Police: Florida man 'charged' woman -

FORT PIERCE, Fla., April 16 (UPI) -- A Florida man was arrested Saturday for "charging" a woman on a bicycle with his motorized chair, authorities say.

Harry Lee Gray, 67, was arrested after the victim complained this week to police in Fort Pierce, Fla., that Gray intentionally crashed into her leg, knocking her from the bike, Florida's TCPalm news outlet reported Saturday.

But Gray wasn't finished yet, according to the woman, who told police he then picked up the bicycle and slammed it to the ground.

The victim "stated that Gray has chased her for the last three days around the parking lot, but she never called the police," an affidavit states.

He is charged with misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief.