Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poor baby


Am I supposed to feel sorry for this cop-killing POS?

He's been given 31 more years of life so far than his victim had.

San Antonian still on death row after 31 years
By Denise Blaz - Laredo Morning Times

Arturo Daniel Aranda wakes up alone in his 60-square-foot cell on death row in Huntsville, yet another mind-numbing day stretching before him just like the 11,000-plus he's already seen.

“It's hell in here,” said Aranda, a San Antonio felon who was out on parole when he was convicted of killing Laredo Police Officer Pablo Albidrez Jr. after a short chase in July 1976.

At 62, he has been awaiting execution for half his life: 31 years.

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