Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uh oh! Lawsuit to shortly follow, I am sure.


I am sure the lawsuit is being drawn up as you read this.

BTW the baby told me she couldn't tell the difference, it all tasted the same to her.

Woman Claims Hospital Let Another Woman Breastfeed Her Baby
MyFox New York -

NEW YORK - A New York City mom claimed that her child was breast-fed by another woman after blundering hospital workers accidentally switched her daughter with another baby just after birth.

Lynda Williams, 33, said Long Island College Hospital (LICH) refused to divulge any information about the other woman because of privacy laws, and a court this week sided with the hospital, according to the New York Post .

With the backing of a Supreme Court justice, Williams sued LICH after the 2008 incident, demanding to know if the other woman who breast-fed her daughter Jalyn, now three-years-old, was healthy.

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