Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And we're off and running!

Dear Readers;



We have been blessed to live in this country and we owe so much to it and each other.

On a bright note, a shout-out to all those Egyptians who protested and marched in Tahrir Square in Cairo and in other places across Egypt.

Salaam Aleikim friends and may you discover and recover Freedom and Democracy for you and your families.


The race is underway for my election as Judge of Bexar County Court at Law Number 3.  I am delighted that Craig Kapitan tweeted about it, see below:

Craig Kapitan @HearsaySA
Here's one I didn't expect: Comal County prosecutor/Man o' Law blogger @skatz51 has signed up to run for Bexar's Court-at-Law No. 3.

Thank you!

Man o' Law