Friday, April 8, 2011

Uhhh... could I have a different roomate please?

Gee, I guess since he's incompetent to stand trial he basically has a "license to kill", because he can't be tried?

It sucks to be his roomie, huh?

Inmate at Utah State Hospital accused of strangling roomate over snoring
By Shara Park -

PROVO -- Police say an inmate at the Utah State Hospital may have killed another prisoner over his snoring.
James Norman, 33, is currently on lockdown at the state hospital accused of strangling his roommate -- 28-year-old Omar Abas Sharif -- to death on the night of March 18.

Police say Norman was upset over being kept awake by Sharif's snoring -- prompting the attack.

Though the attack happened in March, it had been kept quiet until now. A spokesperson for the hospital says HIPPA laws prevent them from releasing any information about the attack, but did confirm a fatality investigation is underway.