Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stupid defense IMHO


Drunk and high on dog medicine (WTF!?) he shoots and kills his father, then he kicks his mother in the stomach.

Oh, but he wanted to kill himself not his father, even though he apparently shot him dead from the loft.

What a POS.

Suspect's use of dog pills cited at trial
Defense says he wanted to kill himself, not dad.
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

Drunk, high on a dog's seizure medication and late for work, Kristopher Lee Smith, 36, began yelling from the loft above his parents' living room two years ago as the couple settled down to watch the evening news.

Moments later, a loud blast filled the house. Elton Smith, his father, was shot through the heart, his widow Marilyn Smith said Tuesday as testimony began for her son's murder trial.

“My husband was standing in front of the fireplace and he said, like he was in pain, ‘(Expletive) damn,'” Marilyn Smith told jurors. “He looked up into the loft and said, ‘Kris,' and then he died.”

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