Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uhh....Nice alligator, good boy

The alligator is lucky he wasn't shot to death.

He does look friendly.  See?  He's smiling!

"Watchgator" seized protecting pot plants
By John Asbury - The Press-Enterprise

Department of Justice agents raided an East Hemet house Monday night and seized almost 2,300 marijuana plants valued at least $1.5 million -- and a four-foot alligator being used to help guard the stash.

Agents with Arcnet, the Allied Riverside Cities Narcotics Enforcement Team, raided the house and found what they described as a "watchgator" named Wally in a back room, where it was living in a black cement-mixing tub full of water.

One man was arrested, and the gator was taken to a sanctuary in San Bernardino County's High Desert.

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