Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Very public meltdown

I've liked Charlie Sheen.  I've liked his work, his private life not so much.

I've never watched Two and a Half Men so I don't know how good it is or was.

But the man definitely needs help.

Unemployed Sheen doles out a message from the 'Malibu messiah'

By Georgina Robinson- Brisbane Times

Sacked Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen used his first opportunity to comment on his dismissal to deliver a scripted, near-indecipherable rant against his former colleagues.

The 45-year-old called himself the "Malibu messiah" before relaunching attacks on the hit sitcom's creator Chuck Lorre, CBS chief Les Moonves, Warner Bros chief Peter Roth and a man named as "Bruce".

"What happened yesterday was completely and entirely illegal, unconscionable and to quote my lawyer 'really shitty shitty suck suck'," he said before launching into a bizarre diatribe in his fourth "Sheen's Korner" webcast.

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