Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Buddy! Where's the fire?


Drunk driving in a fire truck!

Looks like he found the local watering hole.

Va. firefighter accused of taking drunken joyride
My Way News -

HAMILTON, Va. (AP) - Authorities in Virginia say a volunteer firefighter is accused of taking a fire truck on a drunken joyride and nearly smashing into a deputy's patrol car.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's office says in a press release that 27-year-old Sean Richard Swanson, a volunteer firefighter in Hamilton, was speeding down a road early Saturday morning in the fire truck. The sheriff's office says four other volunteer firefighters who also had been drinking were in the truck with Swanson.

The release says a deputy had to veer into a ditch to avoid hitting the truck.

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