Thursday, March 3, 2011

Was this also a failure to investigate?

Gee, ain't it great?

Not only did she flee to Nigeria after the fire but it turns out she may have misled authorities to get her license to run a day-care center at home.

Her non-disclosure?

She had a conviction for Arson when she was a juvenile, 8 years earlier.  However this should have been something which should have turned up during the vetting process.

Suspect in day care fire connected to arson at 14
State says her background check didn’t reveal it.
By Terri Langford and Safiya Ravat - Houston Chronicle

Fugitive Jessica Tata may have lied to get her Texas child care home license when she told the state licensing agency she had no juvenile criminal record despite having served three years of probation for setting a fire at Katy’s Taylor High School when she was 14.

Tata, who fled to Nigeria after a Feb. 24 fire at her Jackie’s Child Care operation killed four children and injured three, is charged with seven counts of reckless injury to a child and three charges of child abandonment.

According to documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, Tata admitted responsibility for the Dec. 10, 2002, arson and was “adjudicated delinquent” in 2003.

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