Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elvis has left the building

I will reserve judgment on whether an arrest warrant should have been issued more quickly.

There will be a bunch of finger pointing in all of this before its all said and done.

One thing for sure.  She fled to Nigeria, does anyone need anymore proof that she's guilty?

Get her indicted and try her in absentia if there are no extradition treaties with Nigeria.  BTW Nigeria isn't exactly the armpit of the World but it would seem to be pretty close.

DA defends probe into day care fire
Center’s operator fled to Nigeria ahead of charges.
By TERRI LANGFORD And PEGGY O'HARE - Houston Chronicle

Nine more charges were filed Tuesday against a fugitive sought in a deadly day care fire, while the Harris County district attorney fired back at criticism that her office’s slow pace in the case let the woman flee to Nigeria.

Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos dismissed as “outrageous” suggestions that prosecutors in her office moved too slowly after being notified Tata was a flight risk.

“Our staff conducted itself professionally and appropriately,” Lykos said of the sequence of events that led to charges against Jessica Tata, 22, after she already had left the country Saturday.

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