Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maybe they should have scheduled nap-times like in kindergarten?

So its not only texting while driving?

Beware of the sleepy teen-driver as well.

Teen crashes tied to earlier start at school
By Don Finley - Express-News 

Each morning, teenagers in two neighboring towns back their cars out of the family driveways, shift into gear and head for school.

In one of those communities, however, the teens are 41 percent more likely to crash than are those living nearby.

Why? A new study suggests it might be that the morning bell for the crash-prone teens starts clanging an hour and 20 minutes earlier.

“Although a lot of folks outside sleep medicine don't realize it, there's actually some evidence that suggests teenagers require as much as 9 or 91/4 hours of sleep at night,” said Dr. Robert Vorona, associate professor of internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.

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