Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Should I stay or should I go?


General McChrystal out and General Petraeus in.


That was an incredible display of poor judgment on the part of General McChrystal and his staff.

That being said I believe for the sake of the boots on the ground the President needs to stay the course and keep General McChrystal on as their Commander.

What President Obama, Gen. Stanley McChrystal will say

Gen. Stanley McChrystal can save his job as U.S. commander in Afghanistan depending on how his Wednesday morning meeting goes with President Obama, top administration officials tell POLITICO.

Either way, the officials said, there will be a shakeup in the command because of the indiscipline among McChrystal's staff captured by Rolling Stone.

"This is one case where the meeting really matters," a senior aide said. "This is a chance for the president to express his displeasure and gauge whether or not McChrystal gets it.

“And McChrystal will have to make a judgment about whether or not he feels the president has lost confidence in him. And if so, he may be a good soldier and say, 'Sir I just get the sense that there is not full faith in my ability to lead this mission.”

The aide said McChrystal "wants to finish this job — he's just invested so much of his life in this."

McChrystal told Pentagon colleagues and superiors he is prepared to resign but had not submitted a formal letter before landing in Washington, officials said.