Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking care of their citizens

India didn't make their citizens get out of Libya on a ferry.

What is it with the President and his Administration?

3600 Indians out of Libya, evacuation time extended to March 12
The Times of India -

NEW DELHI: Almost 20 per cent of an estimated 18,000 Indians in Libya have been evacuated even as the government received landing clearance for 3 special flights daily from India to Tripoli up to March 12, extending the March 7 time period.

"Arrangements have since been finalized with Libya to receive three special flights daily from India at Tripoli over the next ten days. In addition, we are exploring possibilities of establishing air bridges with Sirte and Sebha in Libya. This should appreciably speed up the process of evacuating our nationals from Libya," the Ministry of External Affairs said here today.

It said the ship Scotia Prince, which had docked at Benghazi yesterday, is setting sail for Alexandria, Egypt, around noon (local time), with an estimated 1,188 Indian nationals on board. 

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