Sunday, March 6, 2011

He got Jack s**t!

More stupidity.

Man Tries to Rob Jack in the Box, Arrested After Returning for Food
Police arrested Shawn Dustin Page without incident -- or food. -

SAN DIEGO (KTLA) -- A man suspected of attempting to rob a Jack in the Box in San Diego at gunpoint Wednesday was arrested the next day when he returned to the restaurant for lunch, authorities said.

30-year-old Shawn Dustin Page, who is also suspected of robbing an area Wells Fargo bank branch twice, attempted to rob the restaurant located on University Avenue Wednesday, but fled when the employee told him he could not find the key to open the register.

Police were at the restaurant in the Hillcrest neighborhood Thursday for a follow-up investigation when the manager noticed that the would-be robber from Wednesday was standing in line, police said.

Page has reportedly been booked on 2 robbery counts and 1 attempted robbery count.