Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Werewoves of San Antonio?

I am so proud that ther kids in San Antonio have made the news internationally!


Werewolf craze hits U.S. schools

The kids wear yellow contact lenses and fangs - and even have fake furry tails attached to their jeans.

Bemused headteacher Bill Hill said: "They walk down the hallways swishing their tails. It's a bit different from the school gangs of my youth - but they don't seem troublesome."

The cult is thought to have been sparked off by movies like Twilight and The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro.

Education chiefs in Texas report that teen "wolf packs" - each usually made up of around 20 pupils - now exist in scores of schools across the state.

Deikitsen "Lupus" Manley, 15, who claims to be pack leader at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, said: "Human wolves have been around a lot longer than characters in Twilight.

It gives us a sense of belonging. You gain friends and you belong and indulge your wild side." Another "wolf" named Argus said: "We're not to be feared."

Deikitsen's mum Pam said: "As soon as he walks in the door, he is supposed to take out the fangs, and lose the lenses and tail. They're good kids. It takes courage to stand up and be who you want to be."

But the movement was hit by controversy recently after a follower calling herself Wolfie Blackheart cut off a dog's head and posted pictures on the net of her boiling it.

The 23-year-old told cops it was dead when she found it, adding: "I would never kill a canine. I am a canine."