Thursday, June 10, 2010

Misplaced anger

This isn't hurting BP.

It's hurting the gas station owner.

BTW (on a different note) using a cell phone while riding a bicycle?  With your kid on it too?  Really??

Bullets shatter glass at BP Gas Station

(Southaven, MS) -- Windows at the BP Gas Station on Highway 51 at Custer Drive were shot out overnight. Folks who work at the store believe the suspects were expressing anger over BP and how it's handling the oil spill.

"I believe that would be the reason," said Alex Saleh. "We don't have any enemies." He said nothing was taken from the store after the windows were destroyed.

Incidents of anger spilling over at locally owned BP gas stations have been reported in several areas. In New York City several BP signs have been vandalized. Owners there believe vandals are filling balloons with dirt then throwing them at the signs.

Stanley Morton posted several clips on YouTube, where he's seen driving to a BP station, then dumping yard waste on the property. He jokingly throws a hat over the waste as a solution to cleaning up the mess.

According to CBS News, BP gas is sold at nearly 12,000 stations in the United States. BP actually owns just a small number of those stations. Most are owned by small business owners.