Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let no crisis be wasted

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will prove successful.

In the meantime can the President quit with his rhetoric about how dare BP use money for ads or how dare they pay out a dividend.

Mr. President, how dare you, Sir?  How dare you demagogue on this?  Are you planning to take over and nationalize BP?

Are you going to become Hugo Chavez?

What are you going to do now that you've shut down ALL drilling in the Gulf of Mexico?  Let us become even more dependent on oil from the Middle East? 

Will we get more oil from your BFF Chavez?

What about all the lost jobs from shutting down the drilling?

Way to go Champ.

Some oil is being collected from well
By Monica Hatcher and Sharon Hong - Houston Chronicle

After devastating failures to rein in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, BP offered a sliver of hope Friday, saying it was starting to capture some crude from the spewing well.

Work continued into the night to shut four vents at the top of a containment device that had been placed on the well on Thursday. The vents were still allowing thousands of barrels of oil to billow into the gulf.

Meanwhile, the impact of the spill spread to the beaches of Florida’s Panhandle, where tar balls began washing ashore.

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