Friday, June 4, 2010

Get butter for the popcorn too!

Circus doesn't even begin to describe this trial.

Get out the popcorn!

Blagojevich corruption trial begins in Chicago

He's pleaded not guilty to 24 counts including racketeering, wire fraud


AP Legal Affairs Writer

CHICAGO - A smiling and relaxed-looking Rod Blagojevich arrived at federal court Thursday for the start of his corruption trial, what the former Illinois governor says will be the beginning of the end of an 18-month ordeal.

He was with his wife, Patti, and stepped into a gauntlet of about 30 waiting cameras and reporters. He hugged supporters and thanked them on his way into the courthouse. 

"I feel great," Blagojevich said before walking over & shaking hands with several supporters. "The truth shall set you free," he told one well-wisher as he shook the man's hand.