Sunday, April 4, 2010

Death Mouse

Mickey is apparently a cruel taskmaster.

For gosh sakes guys get a grip.

Disney resort hit by staff suicides
Times Online
Staff at Disneyland Paris, the most popular tourist attraction in Europe, are considering industrial action to improve their working conditions after the suicides of three employees since the start of the year.

Guy-Bruno Mboe, leader of a Disneyland union, has blamed the latest two deaths on “brutal” working conditions. “It’s all about profit, profit, profit,” said Mboe. “The combination of fewer staff and demands for more productivity just pushed this poor man over the edge.”

The directors of the resort denied that the suicide of an employee in his home on March 26 had anything to do with his working conditions. They complained of a union attempt to exploit the tragedy.

The man was identified only as Franck L, a 37-year-old father of four and restaurant manager at Disneyland. He hanged himself on the day he was supposed to return to work after holidays and sick leave.

Another Disneyland restaurant worker had thrown himself in front of a train five weeks earlier. At the beginning of February an employee had committed suicide for what the company called “personal reasons”. After being sacked, another worker recently threatened to kill himself in the theme park.

According to Mboe, the restaurant manager had told colleagues he wanted to leave his job “because of having to work more and more with less and less means”.

The company has said that it will investigate the “possible factors of stress or harassment”.