Monday, April 12, 2010

Babe in car

Well its been quite a couple of days dear readers.  I went to Denton to take two of my daughters on a college visit to look at the University of North Texas.

On Friday late afternoon we stopped at a Borders bookstore in Lewisville, Texas.  It was in the low to mid- 80's and bright sunshine.  I park and as I walk towards the Borders I see a car with a window cracked open about a half-inch.  Inside in a car seat is a 2 to 3 year old girl in a car seat screaming her head off.  No one else is in the car which has the engine off.

I go inside the Borders store and see no one and go back outside.  I wait about 5 minutes then I call 911.  I give my information to the police and I wait.

About 7-8 minutes goes by when momma comes out of the Borders and walks to her car and opens the door.  I confront Momma and ask her if she knew it was against the law to leave the baby in the car.  She reluctantly said yes.  I chewed her out about children dying in the situation she exposed her child to.  She then left.  I called the dispatcher to tell them not to come as the woman left.

I did not believe I could force her to stay and wait for the police, I wanted her to take care of her child.  I hope she will.

What do you think?