Monday, November 3, 2008

Go to Jail, do not pass Go

More senseless, meaning less death.

Please go to jail, do not pass Go.

1 dead, 1 jailed in alleged street race
By David Saleh Rauf - Express-News

A 22-year-old man remained jailed Sunday evening with bond set at $20,000 after the death of his passenger in an early morning wreck on the Northwest Side that police said was the result of a race that reached 80 mph.
Charged with racing on a highway resulting in death, Elwin Albert Rozyskie III is accused of losing control of his Mitsubishi Eclipse and crashing into a pole as he raced another vehicle in the 11000 block of Culebra Road, according to a police report.

Traveling at speeds “at or near 80 mph,” Rozyskie struck a curb at Culebra and FM 1560 and lost control, the report said, causing his sports coupe to veer across three lanes of oncoming traffic before hitting a tree line and ultimately striking a light pole.
Killed in the collision, 20-year-old Jayson Mrazek was riding in the front passenger seat of the Eclipse. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the 2:15 a.m. wreck that mangled the Eclipse so badly that both Mrazek and Rozyskie had to be cut free by San Antonio firefighters.

Rozyskie was taken to University Hospital and later released. He was charged Sunday afternoon with a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The Legislature made street racing a felony in 2003; previously it was an offense punishable only by citation or fine.
“This is something they put into the books because street racing has increased,” said San Antonio Police Department spokesman Joe Rios. “Legislation has given us that power to make this a serious violation, a felony.”

Police are still trying to determine the identity of the other driver in the race and find him and his vehicle. According to the police report, the second vehicle made a right turn at the intersection, while the Eclipse continued to travel west until it crashed.
“If anybody comes forward, it would be great to have, because he could be charged with the same thing that the driver (Rozyskie) was charged with,” Rios said.

Sunday's incident is the second of its kind in San Antonio in less than three weeks. On Oct. 12, street racers were blamed for sending three members of a family whose vehicle had stalled on Loop 410 to University Hospital with serious injuries. The family was stalled on the shoulder of Loop 410 eastbound at Babcock Road when a Volkswagen Jetta that had been racing another car slammed into the rear end of their vehicle.

Police charged Geraldo Candelas, 22, with racing on a highway causing serious bodily injury or death in that incident.