Monday, November 24, 2008

Out on a limb

Be careful the crooks may branch out.

Reminds me of Agent 13 from Get Smart, he was the guy always hiding in tree suits, trash cans and the like. he was played by Bill Murray in the new Get Smart movie.

BTW its interesting to me anyway, that the guy caught was Romanian. I used to have a soup recipe book that had international soup recipes. The one for Romanian Chicken soup started out by stating "First, you steal a chicken."

Before you Romanians out there get upset with me, my parents were both from Romania.

Tree suits! German cops' secret weapon

German police have gone to new lengths to nab a serial burglar – dressing up in tree suits and waiting in a forest for eight hours.

After getting a tip-off about a burglar’s hideout containing laptops, clothes and equipment used for robberies, a detective came up with the novel approach of arresting the culprit. One police inspector told German tabloid newspaper Bild, “I discussed with my colleague how we could camouflage ourselves in the forest. “Then we discovered the suit in a mail-order catalogue and bought two for €100 each – out of our own pockets.”

The two officers then reportedly waited in the forest near the burglar’s property for the man to return. Eight hours later, he did.“As we jumped up from the ground, we were immediately attacked. But we were able to overwhelm and arrest the man,” the inspector said.

They arrested a 39-year-old Romanian man, who had travelled to Germany specifically for the break-ins, the newspaper reported.“We were able to recover the stolen laptops. That made spending our own money worthwhile.”