Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shutting her down

About time to shut her down.

State suspends local doctor’s medical license
By Chris Cobb: The Herald-Zeitung

AUSTIN — The Texas Medical Board suspended the license of Dr. Dora Crandall, a New Braunfels physician who is being investigated by state and federal authorities on suspicion of prescription and Medicaid fraud.A panel from the TMB deliberated all day Thursday before deciding to indefinitely suspend Crandall’s license to practice medicine.

TMB Spokesperson Jill Wiggins said further details behind the board’s decision won’t be available until Monday.Crandall, 68, is reported to have illegally scribbled down prescriptions for untold amounts of pain killers, muscle relaxers and other drugs in exchange for large sums of cash.

Her clinic at 1278 Hillcrest Drive in New Braunfels was raided last Halloween by investigators from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, the New Braunfels Police Department and the state attorney general’s office.To date, no criminal charges have been filed.

Sources told the Herald-Zeitung last year that Crandall had given out prescriptions from her home before opening her clinic in 2004. Crandall has received three formal complaints and been disciplined once by the TMB since she began practicing medicine in Texas in 1983.