Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is this justice?

Gives one pause doesn't it? If you may recall the driver of a vehicle which stopped and let out the shooter of Michael LaHood, Jr. had his death sentence commuted to life without parole last year.

That driver seemed to me to be more complicit in the act including the fact he followed LaHood and his date to his parent's house. The facts in this case seem to show less complicity, but I do not know.

Scotty Sullivan is a good habeas attorney and knows his stuff well, however and you should pardon my pun but his client has his best shot with him as his attorney.

Case of non-triggerman set to die raises questions
MICHAEL GRACZYK: Associated Press Writer

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — His lawyers don't dispute that convicted killer Jeffery Wood deserves punishment for his involvement in a robbery more than a dozen years ago where a clerk at a Texas Hill Country gas station convenience store was gunned down.

But Woods' attorneys and supporters argue he doesn't deserve to die for a murder that occurred while he was waiting in a car outside the store in Kerrville. They also point out that Daniel Reneau, the gunman who killed clerk Kriss Keeran with a fatal shot to the face, already has been executed.
"Someone answered for this in terms of the death penalty," attorney Scott Sullivan said. "A non-triggerman shouldn't get the death penalty."

Wood, who turned 35 Tuesday, was set for execution Thursday in a case that again put under scrutiny a unique Texas law that makes accomplices as culpable as the killer in a capital murder case.

Wood would be the ninth condemned prisoner put to death this year and the fifth this month in the nation's busiest capital punishment state. At least a dozen other Texas inmates have execution dates in the coming months.

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