Friday, June 4, 2010

Best launch evah!

I saw it in the movies in Die Hard IV:  Live Free or Die.

You know.  Where McClain took down the helicopter with his car.

Who knew it could happen in real life?

No, no helicopters were taken out but the car was launched into the air pretty well.

Photos are of the car after she landed.  She got out before it blew up.

This Is Not How You're Supposed to Fly Out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
By Robert Wilonsky - Dallas Observer

A good Friend of Unfair Park, through a friend of a friend of a friend, just shot us this extraordinary video captured early yesterday morning at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Took place at the north toll plaza, which served as a launching ramp for one drunk driver trying to exit the airport in a hurry. DFW spokesman David Magana confirms: "The driver was, as you might guess, suspected of inebriation and investigated for such and arrested for such."

We also have fiery post-crash pics after the jump -- because after the driver went all General Lee, she got out and made a call on her cell, at which point the vehicle went boom. Hard to believe the "driver only suffered minor injuries," as Magana puts it. Oh -- and the toll-booth operator wasn't injured at all.

The driver's name is Yasmine Villasana. And here's the whole police report.