Sunday, April 22, 2012

The face of the problem

Multiple-multiple DWI's.

12 arrests for DWI over 36 years.

I would say he has a drinking problem.

Cracking down on repeat DWI offenders
By Eva Ruth Moravec and Craig Kapitan - Express-News

One of the worst drunken driving offenders in Bexar County was deemed such a high risk after his 12th arrest recently that four high-tech devices keep tabs on him around the clock.

Carlos Faz also has to take a pill three times a week that makes him nauseous if he drinks alcohol. Even cologne can trigger a reaction.

Since his first DWI arrest 36 years ago when he was 25 until his most recent on April 1 at age 61, Faz has pleaded guilty 10 times. Once, in 2008, the charge was dismissed.