Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't worry its just the dead voting

Nothing to see here move along!

Election rolls list too many voters
By Lise Olsen - Express-News

Sixteen small counties across Texas appear to have more registered voters on their rolls as of 2010 than qualified citizens of voting age — a phenomenon prompting conservative Washington watchdog group to question whether the “over counts” could raise the potential for election fraud.

A review of public records for all Texas counties found evidence of surplus registered voters in rural Texas counties scattered statewide, including seven in South Texas — Maverick, Kendall, Brooks, Kenedy, Dimmit, Duval and Zavala — and several East Texas counties, such as Chambers, Trinity, and Polk.

Tom Fitton, president of nonprofit Judicial Watch, said his group plans to ask the Texas secretary of state to examine all Texas counties with oversized voter rolls. The group has demanded probes in other states as the result of its own nationwide comparisons of 2010 voter registration and census data.