Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Both sides rested

My understanding is that closing arguments will begin this a.m. at 9:00.

The Defense put up a good fight during the punishment phase of the trial.  It will be in the jury's hands top determine Joe Estrada Jr.'s fate.

I still think, particularly because of the nature of the crime, that they will assess the death penalty.

2 sides rest in killer's trial
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News 
VICTORIA — By the time Joe Estrada Jr. fatally shot his 76-year-old neighbor in the head with an arrow, he had already burglarized her home once before but was disappointed with the loot, one of the final witnesses in his capital murder trial said Tuesday.

Closing arguments for the punishment phase — which will either end in life without parole or the death penalty — are expected today. Both sides rested their cases Tuesday afternoon.

“He had heard through his mom that (neighbor Viola Barrios) owned a restaurant and had money or was affluent,” said Timothy Proctor, a Dallas-based psychologist hired by prosecutors. “He said he was stressed about needing money for an abortion, and he owed what he thought was $1,000” for traffic tickets.

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