Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to think it over

Nice work, Ms. Wilke.

Kerrville man gets 30 years

A Kerrville man pleaded guilty to nine counts of felony drug charges and received a 30-year state prison sentence Thursday.

According to 216th Assistant District attorney Lucy Wilke, Jermane Rodriguez, 30, accused of multiple felony delivery and possession of a controlled substance charges, was given a total 30-year sentences to run concurrently for all nine indictments handed down by a 216th grand jury. He has been in the Kerr County jail since December.

According to Wilke, the evidence and number of charges was overwhelming.

“We do not tolerate drug dealers in Kerr County,” Wilke said. “Drug dealers, sex offenders and violent offenders are the biggest threat to this community. Many out-of-town defense attorneys are often shocked that we do not offer probation to drug dealers here. There can never be extenuating circumstances for dealing drugs.”

Rodriguez had a long history of arrests in Kerr County beginning in 1997. His more than 30 arrests were on charges ranging from possession of drugs to assault to evading arrest.

His last arrest came on Dec. 1, when he was stopped by the

Kerrville Police Department on East Davis Street and found to be in possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone.

The investigation leading to his arrest was a joint effort between the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office and the Kerrville Police Department.

“Jermane had been dealing drugs for a long time,” said KPD special crimes sergeant Kenneth Wilke. “There are still a lot of people he associated with that we are building cases against and will get.”

Lucy Wilke commended the job the two agencies do working together to apprehend criminals.

“The KPD and KCSO continue to aggressively investigate drug offenses,” she said. “I am amazed at the number of cases they produce. Both agencies do an excellent job.”