Monday, March 29, 2010


Excuse my expression if you're easily offended.

Oh my God!  Have we really gotten to this place?

People complaining that their diploma says in the year of our lord?  You went to a school named Trinity for Pete's sake.

I'm Jewish, I am not complaining.  Hell, I was exceedingly happy to get my diploma at all.  Why don't you just use White-out if you don't like it?

This is just more intolerance, soft-pedaled, but intolerance nevertheless.

Also while we're at it do you want to change the name of the city of San Antonio because its named after a saint?

How about Corpus Christi or the Sangre de Christo mountain range in New Mexico?

Students want "Our Lord" phrase off Trinity diplomas
By Melissa Ludwig - Express-News 
A group of students at Trinity University is lobbying trustees to drop a reference to “Our Lord” on their diplomas, arguing it does not respect the diversity of religions on campus.

“A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes,” said Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection. “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,' it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.”

Qureshi, who is Muslim, has led the charge to tweak the wording, winning support from student government and a campus commencement committee. Trustees are expected to consider the students' request at a May board meeting.

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