Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water fight!

This seems to prove the adage that only the lawyers win in this kind of lawsuit.

Why are we spending more money on this?  Are we spending the money because the SAWS Chairman feels wronged?

Are we throwing more good money down the rabbit hole?

SAWS not giving up legal fight with LCRA
By Colin McDonald - Express-News 
The San Antonio Water System is no longer looking at the Colorado River as a water source. After 10 years of planning and study, the utility just wants its money back.

“We feel we have been wronged,” board Chairman Alex Briseño said.

He was referring to the Lower Colorado River Authority, which SAWS sued for breach of contract. While SAWS lost the $1.2 billion suit last month, its board voted Monday to appeal the ruling of Travis County District Judge Stephen Yelenosky, who found that the LCRA couldn't be sued because of sovereign immunity.

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