Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Man o' Colleges?

Man o' Law now wants to become Man o' Education, or Man o' Colleges.

Either one, just gimme that kind of salary, benefits, and a car.

Wait, on second thought, keep the headaches, I'll continue soldiering on as Man o' Law.

Chancellor's pact includes bonus
Express-News - Express-News

A new three-year contract for Bruce Leslie, the embattled chancellor of the Alamo Colleges, includes a $15,000-per-year retention bonus, according to a contract document released Monday.

Leslie’s annual salary is $313,663. Like all other district employees, he will not get a raise this year. However, if Leslie stays through the year, he will be rewarded with a $15,000 bonus, according to the contract.

This year, Leslie received a $30,000 retention bonus as a reward for staying on the job for three years.

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