Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dumber than a box of rocks?

Oh brother!

As a former geologist, in my opinion, I think the box of rocks might have more intelligence.

911 Call: Florida woman locked inside her car

By Joe Kelley, Host of the KRMG Morning News

A 911 dispatcher had to tell a woman how to unlock her car on Sunday.

A woman called Kissimmee police to say she was locked inside her car at the Walgreen's on John Young Parkway near Poinciana.

"My car will not start. I'm locked inside my car," the unidentified woman said.

"Nothing electrical works. And it's getting very hot in here, and I'm not feeling well."

The dispatcher asked the woman if she was able to manually pull the lock up on the door.

The woman said she would try, and then, she said, "Yes, I got the door open."