Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The self-proclaimed "Natural-Born Killer" Joshua Maxwell set to be executed next week

I presided over this trial and pronounced the death sentence for Mr. Maxwell.

His guilt was not in doubt, he had even video-taped himself looking in a bathroom mirror and bragging about the murders.  I said murders because he had also killed a man in Indianapolis before he came to San Antonio and killed Sgt. Rudy Lopes.

He also threatened to kill some of his jailers by saying he'd do them like he did their "homie" Lopes.

I am not saying this gleefully.  Two people are dead and now Mr. Maxwell will meet his maker next week.

So will end his sad saga.

Supreme Court denies death row inmate's appeal.
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News 
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from Bexar County inmate Joshua Maxwell, clearing the way for his execution next week barring any last-minute appeals.

Maxwell's execution is scheduled March 11 for robbing and fatally shooting off-duty Bexar County Sgt. Rudy Lopes II in 2000. Maxwell, 31, and his girlfriend Tessie McFarland killed Lopes during a cross-country crime spree that began in their home state of Indiana with the shooting and robbery of another man, Robby Bott. Both were caught in California after a gun battle with San Francisco police.

Lopes' body, with a gunshot wound to the head, was found dumped behind a strip mall on Oct. 12.

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