Friday, March 5, 2010

One heckova deal on the rent

Eight hundred dollars a month for all that office and storage space is a pretty good deal.

I can't wait to see how wonderful the 'new' old courthouse will look when the restorative work is completed.

Commissioners ready to relocate offices


Comal County Commissioners are packing up their offices after agreeing to a deal Thursday to relocate more than 20 county employees during the two-year restoration of the Comal County Courthouse.

Commissioners signed an interlocal agreement with Comal Independent School District that would move various departments — including commissioners — into the former Goodwin Primary School on Church Hill Drive off Loop 337 when the courthouse construction begins in April.

The county will be renting seven currently vacant classrooms to use as office space, as well a gymnasium to store maintenance equipment — all for $800 per month.

“I think it’s the best deal we could have received, both for our needs and for county taxpayers,” said County Judge Danny Scheel.

Moving into the elementary school will be the county judge and commissioners, emergency management, human resources, veteran services and purchasing departments.

The County Court-at-Law will move out of the courthouse and begin holding proceedings in Commissioners Court chambers. Its clerks and the elections department also will move into the Commissioners Court building on Main Plaza.

Construction on the $8 million courthouse renovation is scheduled to begin in mid-April and be finished in the spring of 2012.