Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama: Let them eat cake

Nonsense.  Despite everything he and the Democratic leaders have said. 

Nearly 3/4 of the American people do not want this and despite this they will still attempt to ram it through against the will of the people.

They are elected to be our representatives not our King and his royal staff.

They will most certainly pay a heavy price for this.

President Launches Last Push on Health-Care Overhaul
President Barack Obama opened the final act of a year-long drama over health-care legislation Wednesday, calling on Democrats in Congress to approve the sweeping bill despite political risks and Republican opposition.

The president vowed to rally Americans and wavering lawmakers alike. White House aides said a pair of trips next week will be followed by a stream of public and private lobbying. The White House wants final votes by month's end.

President Obama outlines his three-part proposal for health care reform in an address at the White House. Courtesy Fox News.
"At stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any problem," Mr. Obama told a crowd of white-coated doctors and nurses in the East Room, where a year ago he started the drive for the legislation.

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