Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The law can be an ass and then you get hung out to dry

Sometimes, sometimes, the law is an ass.

If there aren't questions this man was cheated and defrauded out of his winnings and the State collected some but not all of the winnings illegally obtained, by the store clerk who fled back to Nepal, then declare Mr. Willis the winner and pay him off.

There's right and there's wrong, make this right.

More bad luck for lottery winner
By Peggy Fikac - Express-News

AUSTIN — Willis Willis, cheated out of a million-dollar jackpot, went to the Texas Lottery Commission on Monday to see if there was a way to get his money.

Instead, his lawyers said, commission attorneys told the 67-year-old Grand Prairie man that they consider the jackpot winner to be a store clerk who was indicted last month and charged with fraudulently claiming the prize.

“The lottery commission for the first time today informed Mr. Willis that they consider the lottery agent who stole his ticket to be the winner of the lottery ... because the clerk who stole the ticket, the agent of the lottery, signed the back of it,” said Sean E. Breen, one of his lawyers. “Let that sink in,” Breen added.

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