Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angel of death or mercy?

I expect a lot of media attention with this trial.

If nothing else but for some who will analogize this to Universal Health Care "death panels".

Trial begins for accused Air Force nurse
By Scott Huddleston - Express-News

Lawyers for a military nurse charged with three counts of murder said they'll expose deficiencies at Wilford Hall Medical Center while proving their client is innocent.

Testimony began Tuesday in the court-martial of Capt. Michael Fontana, who could face a life sentence. In a reversal from a Sept. 1 pretrial hearing, Fontana opted Tuesday to let the military judge, Col. William Burd, decide his guilt or innocence, rather than a panel of officers.

Fontana, 36, is accused of injecting Silvestre Orosco, 83; Ordie Despain, 87; and Dorothy Gray, 74, terminally ill patients, with lethal doses of morphine or fentanyl, a painkiller, at Wilford Hall Medical Center.

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