Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Having it their way


Its a drive-thru not a climb-in and rob.

Violent gang strikes 6 area McDonald's

Philadelphia- (CBS 3) Investigators are asking for the public's help in tracking down a violent gang of bandits who have robbed six area McDonald's since April.

The suspects have robbed six McDonald's in Philadelphia and Montgomery County between April and June.

"These guys aren't going to stop until we catch them," Captain Len Ditchofsky of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

During one robbery at a McDonald's on Torresdale Avenue on June 4, the suspects were seen on surveillance tape waving a baseball bat and pointing guns at employees.

According to investigators, the first gunman in the Torresdale Avenue heist gained entry through a drive-thru window. It was the only open entrance in the early morning drive-thru hours.

Once inside, the suspect unlocked doors to let two other accomplices inside the building.

In addition to the Torresdale Avenue robbery and four other heists in Philadelphia, investigators believe the robbers struck a McDonald's in Limerick, Montgomery County on June 25.

"Each case, they're getting a little more violent and a little bit more dangerous," Captain Ditchofsky explained.

After robbing the employees and stealing the store proceeds, the robbers locked the workers into a freezer at the Torresdale location.

Investigators are warning employees to be on full alert during the late night and early morning hours when no customers are inside.

"They really have to be careful, it's only a matter of time before there's an accident and somebody gets hurt," Captain Ditchofsky said.