Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chinga La Migra!!

Sorry, but I'm not 'feeling' this.

Calling the Border Patrol to aid in translating Spanish from two folks does not seem to me to be violating their civil rights.

They chose to flee when the Border Patrol arrived.  Supreme Court rulings and case law holds that fleeing in such situations is tantamount to an admission of guilt.  Why flee otherwise?

I'm sorry the man drowned as he jumped into the river to flee.

But really?  A country who cannot or will not control its Border is no country at all.

Forest Service hit for Border Patrol call
By Stephen Dinan -The Washington Times

A federal department ruled last week that the Forest Service violated a Spanish-speaking woman’s civil rights by calling the Border Patrol to help translate during a routine stop, saying it was “humiliating” to Hispanics and an illicit backdoor way to capture more illegal immigrants.

The ruling by the Agriculture Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights could change policies nationwide as law enforcement agencies grapple with how far they can go in trying to help the Border Patrol while not running afoul of racial profiling standards.

Assistant Secretary Joe Leonard Jr. said calling the Border Patrol automatically “escalates” encounters between Hispanics and law enforcement. He ruled that the Forest Service cannot routinely summon the Border Patrol for assistance and said the agency now must document suspected racial profiling nationwide.

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