Wednesday, June 6, 2012

High school hijinks

Okay then.

Here are three fellows who better not run for the Presidency 45 years from now.

BTW my high school sure didn't look like this.

'Freshman Friday' incident leads to 3 arrests

Three teenagers are under arrest in connection with an apparent hazing incident at a Westchester school.

A so-called Freshman Friday is a tradition for some students in Rye and other Westchester communities.  Each year some high school juniors gang up on a group of freshmen in what is considered an attempt to initiate them into high school.

According to the Westchester County Police Department, Max Meyerson, Sean Pinson and Tristan Scragg, all Rye High juniors, ages 16 and 17, allegedly kidnapped 15 freshmen, drove them to Marshlands Conservancy and hazed them by beating them with a paddle.

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