Monday, September 1, 2008

Sisterhood of the stolen traveling pants

Not my pants! *snort* LOL Good one Dude!

Naples teen with stolen debit card in pocket: 'Not my pants'
By Naples Daily News staff report

NAPLES — When Collier County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 19-year-old man on trespassing charges at Wal-Mart on Monday, and then found a stolen debit card in his pants pocket, the teen had a perfectly good excuse.

They weren’t his pants.

The teen, Richard W. Obdyke, 637 101st Ave., North Naples, told deputies he found the pants in his van, and did not know who they belonged to, reports said. When asked who may have left the pants in his van, Obdyke couldn’t think of anyone.

So, as credible as his excuse was, deputies chose to check it out.

Deputies located the owner of the debit card, Deborah Cahill, who said someone had charged $32.80 at McDonalds, $42.02 at a Shell gas station, and $85 at a 7-Eleven to her account. She said she didn’t know where her debit card was, and thought she may have left it at Marsala Pizza over the weekend, reports said.

Surprise, surprise, deputies determined that Obdyke was an employee of Marsala Pizza.
Obdyke, who is currently on state probation, agreed to meet deputies at the pizza joint to discuss the debit card, but he never showed up, authorities said. The manager told deputies Obdyke left work and never came back.

Deputies located Obdyke at his home, arrested him and charged him with fraud - illegal use of a credit card, a felony.