Monday, September 1, 2008

Out to launch?

Who was she angry at?

Was it the driver in the car she launched missiles at?

GPD charge local woman with throwing a deadly missile at car
By ASHLEY HEMMY, Alligator Contributing Writer

GAINSVILLE, Fla-A car was assaulted early Wednesday morning by “missiles,” including a duffel bag, spaghetti sauce and shards of plates.Crystal McCook, 29, was charged with throwing a “deadly missile” into a vehicle for pelting a car with a variety of objects, according to a Gainesville Police arrest report.

At the time, car owner Leland Alexander Mercer and two passengers were inside the car.
McCook was seen throwing a 15–pound duffel bag from the top of her stairs onto the car, followed by plates and a glass candle holder, the report said.Debris and spaghetti sauce were left on the hood of the car.

Police found a bowl of spaghetti in McCook’s apartment and plates in her sink matching the broken pieces, according to the report.Mercer and his two passengers were unharmed, but $3,000 in damage was done to the car.

The duffel bag left two dents and various scratches on the hood. The kitchenware left a 5– to 7–inch crack in the front windshield.

McCook denied throwing the objects.