Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poor baby

Way to go.

Couple Takes Down Alleged Burglar In Home
Reporting: Laura Cole

NATOMAS (CBS13) ― A Natomas couple was startled when they discovered an alleged thief inside their home, but quickly turned the tables and had the suspect "crying and begging."

The man and woman, who did not wish to be identified, said they were watching TV when the burglar broke into the house. Alerted by the noise, the man went into the kitchen and confronted the suspect.

"My boyfriend was like, 'why are you in my house?'" the woman said. "[The burglar] was like, 'I'm sorry, this is the wrong house.'"The woman said the suspect had socks over his hands and was rummaging through the couple's drawers.

The alleged thief tried to run, but the man jumped into action."He slammed him back toward the wall the guy couldn't move," the woman said. "He was shaking and crying and begging him to let him go."

Police took the 17-year-old suspect into custody. Because of his age, his identity has not been released.