Monday, September 1, 2008

Death wish

The moral? Don't come at officers with knives or guns.

Deputy shoots man at TA Travel Center
David Saleh Rauf - Express-News

A Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy shot and critically wounded a man wielding a knife at an East Side truck stop Sunday evening after a fight broke where police say the man threatened to kill the deputy.

The deputy, whose name was not immediately released, fired at least three shots at the man striking him twice in the chest, said Bexar County Sheriff’s spokesman Ino Badillo. Deputies did not release the name of the 45-year-old man who was taken to Brook Army Medical Center where he was scheduled to undergo surgery late Sunday night.

The incident began when deputies were dispatched to the 7300 block of Shadow Trail at 7:30 p.m. after a woman called to report that her ex-boyfriend was making terroristic threats.
Deputies patrolling the area saw a man who fit the suspect’s description at the TA Travel Center at Interstate 10 and Foster Road around 8:30 p.m. and attempted to arrest him. When the suspect — who was armed with a knife — resisted, the deputies used pepper spray and a baton in an attempt to subdue him.

The man ran from the front of the store into the truck service area and approached the deputies for an apparent second altercation: “At which time the officers weren’t sure if he had a knife in his hand or a gun in his hand,” Badillo said. “They had no option but to shoot him.”