Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Texas Independence Day!


176 years and still going strong! 

BTW we have a Navy again.  (see post above)

Battle of Medina site found, geologist says
By Scott Huddleston - Express-News

A retired petroleum geologist with a love of history says he's found the long-lost site of the deadliest battle ever fought on Texas soil.

Though he's yet to persuade scholars, Robert P. Marshall has intrigued some and flustered others with his 40-page report declaring the Battle of Medina site “has been located!”

Today is Texas Independence Day, the anniversary of the March 2, 1836, signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence. But some Texas history fans focus their energy on the first Texas republic, created in a revolt against Spain nearly 200 years ago and overturned in the lopsided Battle of Medina.