Saturday, March 10, 2012

One tough dude

Good for him!

Elderly farmer near Bois D'Arc pulls gun on 3 thieves who came back for more 
Vance West believes the men recently stole $3,000 worth of property from him. -

BOIS D’ARC, Mo. -- An elderly cattle rancher recently came face-to-face with three thieves on his property, and he took the matter into his own hands.   The thieves might have been arrested if Vance West had been able to get someone to help him.

Vance West, 92, is a veteran and father of three.  He lives by himself outside Bois d'Arc on more than 100 acres.

“See, there's where they left,” he told a reporter, pointing out tire tracks.  “They will be back.  I think they will be back.”

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