Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grounds for Inspiration!

Good luck and best wishes Ms. Jones on your endeavor!

Iraq war veteran opens coffee shop on East Side
By Vincent T. Davis - Express-News

Iraq war veteran Deatra Jones was inspired to act upon a long-sought-after dream when she attended Bishop T.D. Jakes' women's empowerment conference in Houston, “Woman, Thou Art Loosed” in November.

The words of encouragement spurred her to create something she couldn't find on the East Side, where she grew up — a coffee shop/book store. Every time she drove past a vacant building at 629 S. W.W. White Road, she pictured it as the perfect spot where people could read a book, sip coffee and spout poetry if they wanted to.

“I had been looking at the location two years ago, but I didn't believe in myself,” said Jones, 31. “But, after the conference, God gave me the OK.”